How Successful is School Management Software for Institutions?

There is a fierce competition among educational institutions to Rank on the top and School ERP Software is now the most significant factor that is helping them in attaining the top notch position. The ideal school management system software consists of many modules that are expected to manage and take care of the student related data in an efficient way. Let’s research concerning the Best School ERP software using its different modules. It is no exaggeration to state that School Management Software Functions As the backbone of any college with focusing its key functions of managing and streamlining the students associated info. A.T.S.I, which stands for Any Time Student Information, is among the best, customizable and integrated school management software that aims to provide automated solutions to management by eliminating every odds of mistake, keep students updated about classroom and subject related tasks, keep parents informed about their wards’ progress and performance and let teachers upgrade their subject expertise. ATSI offers 4-way login facility to parents, teachers, students and admin and keep things transparent to each and everybody. There are many different modules of ATSI and each of them functions A special function.

School Management Software

  • Library Management System: This Module aims to organize and simplify the conventional approach of college towards library. Each of the books with their names can be entered in the program to maintain the documents for assessing the whole stock available, check and check-out of books, fine calculation, and resource management. Beginning with RFID enabled tagging of books to putting them in an alphabetical order; Library Management System contains every feature necessary for handling the library efficiently.
  • Attendance Management System: A.T.S.I Includes course wise, day wise and subject wise attendance system. In class wise presence, all of the periods assigned in a day to a specific teacher/professor will be exhibited and teachers can indicate the student absent or present for that. In day shrewd attendance, the attendance is marked at beginning of the day supposing that those students will be present during day. In subject wise attendance system, teachers mark the presence of students for their specific subject.
  • Time Table Management System: Each best school management software has an exceptional time table management system where time table for different year/semester/section is made. By entering the start and finish time of the faculty and length of each course, system will automatically supply the time table slots which allows manual intervention for deciding the lunch break and other break timings. For faculty time table, as it provides many subject mix, it auto-generates various combinations of topics for teachers in addition to students.
  • Fee Management System: This module defines Different fee groups and automatically calculates the charges for each and every pupil and keeps a track of pending charges, preceding payment information, concessions and deductions. It facilitates the payment of past-due charges, more than 1 month charges, quarterly and takes fee in instalments. Parents can see deposited and because of status of charges for their wards.